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Are you a musician, writer, poet or a spoken word artist? E-mail us and share your information with other artists through our e-mail network.                                                        If you are interested in supporting us to keep jazz alive, forward this link to everyone you know.                    Are you an entertainer??.. Artist... Dance... Comic... Singer... Composer... Trainer... Teacher... are you an entertainment service provider??  Transportation... sound... Set designer... Lighting... catering get noticed............  list with our network                                          Come grow with us, we want to hear from you. Jazz artists and jazz community news showcased on this website will be broadcast for free. (*For all other help keep jazz alive supporters)* We can link to your website from ours...                                     Produce and broadcast via the www.livejazzonthetube.com  network a professional still photo, text or video presentation for you or your service so that those who support jazz can support you...                                                  jazz club owners list and showcase your venue of artist with photos show times menu, also showcase a video tour of your club inside/ outside on the livejazzonthetube.com website and yours...                                              We can also upgrade your existing website or custom design a new website for you...                                                     Artist do you have a DVD or C-D for sale we can help.... do you have a live performance you would like to have showcase on the livejazzonthetube network for better gigs and bookings contact us............
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